Deaf Mama Designs blog is up!

Welcome everyone! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be joining the blogging world. I am EXCITED yall. Between sewing, selling my handmade goodies at the farmer’s market, raising 7  crazy happy kids and loving my awesome hubby, friends and family, yes folks… I need one more thing to do, really!

So here we are! *crickets*

*more crickets*

*crickets getting bored*

Ah ok… a little more about me to fill my first post…

For starters, I’m a mama to 7 wonderfully amazing kids, ages 16, 13, 11, 9, 6, 2 and baby, she’s 3 cute little months. 6 girls, 1 boy. FUN FUN FUN! Sometimes not so fun (think laundry day,  bill paying day and everybody in the house is sick so we’re going to the doctor day), but always always a blessing.

I’ve always been a stay at home mama, so I’ve used my sewing through the years to make a little side cash and to have something to do while I’m at home raising “America’s Future”. (never mind the fact that  one  current member “America’s Future” is begging for a second glass of chocolate milk and refuses to potty train.) Sewing and crafting have always been an outlet from me, stemming from my childhood years when the most awesome lady in the world (hi mama!) taught me how to sew and always encouraged me to try new things, make things, do *anything* to keep me quiet for a little while. I was never quiet, but I did learn to love the DIY lifestyle and appreciate creativity, keeping life simple and learning new things in general.

Recently, I took my sewing to the next step. Two years ago my mom fell ill to cancer, and could no longer sew and sell her quilts at the local market. With encouragement from my husband and family, I recently took over her  business, bringing in my own quilts and also completing many of her unfinished quilts. All of my quilts get her inspection and approval before they go to market. I can’t tell you how truly awesome and inspiring it is to know that she has passed the torch to little ol’ me.

Now to explain the business name. Mama was “Quilts by Ann”..simple and self explanatory. However, I’ve found that when most people can’t think of my name, they tend to say “She’s deaf and has all those kids!” So Deaf Mama Designs it is. So yes, I’m really deaf, though I have a cochlear implant that rocks, and I’ve had speech therapy so that I can communicate better (and do love communicating!) So that’s it! I’m Deaf Mama Designs, no doubt about it.

 Come down to the farmer’s market (That’s the Jackson, Mississippi farmer’s market yall!) Come and see us!