Another Successful day at the market!

I am LOVIN market days. Stressful, yes but talking to folks, selling my stuffs, and the¬†comrade with other vendors is just awesomeness. My husband and fam are supportive even when I get all whiney and complain that I can’t do everything (read clean, take care of babies and sew) at the same time. But we manage and they stand by me, and forgive me! That’s an awesome fam right there.

I finished this wall hanging on Friday and sold it on Saturday. Granted it was a custom order but hey, I wouldn’t have minded keeping it really. I didn’t even get to snap a pic of ¬†it after I quilted and binded it… but hey, you get the idea right?

With no custom orders to stress me out this week I’ll be completing some UFO (unfinished objects) and focusing on getting the kids ready for back to school and cleaning the house. Just maybe I’ll be able to finish up these dolls that have been sitting in their baskets. We’ll see!