Just a Monday

Last night the hubs finally put a fluorescent light in the sewing room (aka the badly lit garage). What a difference it’s made! I think I’ll need one more light over my cutting table and then I will be able to see perfectly.

I finished up a robot quilt with machine binding… My first try. I’m not sold due to the slightly messy look of it, but in a pinch it’s ok.

I also finished up a package for a sweet friend which was way way overdue. I was sidetracked this week by a tooth abbess.. Let me tell ya, you aren’t tough enough until you’ve suffered one of these bad boys, pregnant and unable to take any kind of serious pain medication. For Reals.
Speaking of pregnant, it’s off to the ob today for a routine checkup. I’m 23 weeks and still … So… Not… Prepared… For… Another…. Boy. Maybe he won’t mind leaving the hospital nekkid… or at best, wearing his sister’s sweet pink baby clothes.. Cuz mama has not bought/made this little boy a stitch of clothes yet. I’m sure I will go into panic mode soon. Surely.

We also have parent teacher conferences today. Gotta love those. I’m blessed that the girls all truly love school (it’s so boring at home, and they have to clean…. Wah wah wah) so they do super super extra good at school. So today is also known as “Mommy gets to brag all day” day. :)

I’m signing off with a picture of my cuddle monsters! They will be available in my online shop soon!