The to do list

1. 16 hats are halfway finished for market.
2. Christmas quilt blocks are done, ready to be sewn into a king size quilt.
3. Another quilt is ready to go on the long arm.
4. Several cuddle monsters are cut out. (running out of fleece!)
5. Diaper fabrics are here and ready to be cut.
6. Still working on repairs to a family quilt.

I’m being lectured by my vendor family at the market to slow down the biz but I can’t make myself do it. The holiday season us upon us and I’m seriously in the get super busy nesting mode. I figure, I may as well work while I can, once baby gets here and the holidays are over I probably won’t be doing much until March or so. Its all good! While I’m on baby holiday I can spend spare time building up my stock again and work on all these crazy ideas in my head… And boy do I have a whole lotta crazy ideas in my head.

It all comes down to I have to create. My mom always had some quilting/sewing project going, to the point she carried bits and pieces of quilt blocks, embroidery and whatnots in her purse, and she was never ashamed to whip out needle and thread any time we had to wait more than twenty seconds in one spot. My dad is a jack of all trades, and usually to cheap to hire labor, so he always has several home improvement projects going, as well as the garden.

I’d say my worst and best trait would have to be knowing when to say when, but right now I’m having to much fun!

Two more months. Eeeek!