Mess part two!

Yikes. I’m about as organized as it gets.. Mentally at least. In my mind’s eye there’s a place for everything, all sorted, orderly and easy to access.

Yeah right.

There are piles upon piles on the cutting table, the floor, in laundry baskets, chairs abd just ugh. It’s hair pulling annoying stuff. We got rid of the old eewwy-gross fridge, brought the dining room table back in (it used to be my cutting table), folded a couple of laundry baskets of fabric, etc. a good 4 hours of work. Now it looks worse than we started. No kidding! I’ll be back in there as much as I can until it is done, but the process is unnerving!

Meanwhile, I managed to put this sweet quilt together.

Sorry about the picture quality, I don’t have a digital camera at the moment.

The Biggest Mess Eeeeeevvvvvvvvver

Talk about massive sewing crisis! Two years ago my sewing room was a “spare” bedroom. Hardly a spare with six kiddos at the time but no one wanted their own room, so it wasn’t used. At 10’x10′ it was the smallest room in the house. Two kids later, we needed that room, so my sewing room moved to the garage.

It’s not a grand Martha Stuart craft room, but for me, it works. At least it did, till my sewing crisis hit. Most of the tables and other sewing furniture has been thrifted or cast offs from friends and family. It’s not matchy matchy but free is better than matchy right?

So I inherited much of my mom’s sewing things… Tons of fabric, notions etc. The crisis happened when I realized I had to move the entire room around so that everything has a home and be accessible. So far we’ve moved the sewing machines and tables around, added shelves, ruler folded a whole lotta stash (with still more to do) trashed the old garage fridge (ewwwwww) and finally moved many things to the shed for storage.

Next I want to make a new craft table by frankenstein’ing my old 36″ shelves and a hobby table I purchased at hancock’s years ago. Now I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to work, but the hobby table folds and it’s just not safe with little ones running around. Plus, the z shape the legs do when it’s open creates so much wasted space.

Oh yeah, the best part! The whole reason for putting myself through all this trauma…..

I’m getting my mom’s old long arm quilter! Squeee! This sucker is big, heavy and 100% in your face… But now I won’t have to arrange babysitting, answer the phone every 5 minutes (can we have ice cream? When are you coming home? Do I have to wash my hair tonight? What’s for supper?), drive 15 miles one way just to quilt. I’ll be able to quilt my quilts at home!!!!

And that my peeps, makes me wanna do jazz hands!