Gawsh! Today went by so fast I barely felt it! Right now we’re in the process of rearranging rooms and attempting to declutter the house. Easily said but not so much done, since I went to goodwill and scored a buncha fun things. whoops! More on that later. As of now, we’re going to paint some bunk beds, small end table, wooden school desk and refinish a large desk. We as in me. S’all good though, since one of my favorite things to do when I’m not sewing is to redo furniture. I don’t get to do it to often, but looks like I’ve got plenty in line now. 

This week I finished this quilt….
and finished this quilt top…
I’ll get the second quilt quilted up this week. All the strips were from scraps and the most shamefully ugly fabric I own(ed). Amazing what chopping up fabric into 2.5 inch strips and resewing them can do. It’s still pretty funky up close, but I’m kinda liking it. I’ll definitely be making another version of this design in the near future. For now I can’t wait to see it all finished up! Unfortunately, even after all that sewing, my scrap bins are still overflowing. 
Before I make any more scrappies I’m finishing up a mod quilt for a custom order. I’ve been taking pictures here and there through the process so I can show how I go about making a memorial quilt. I love making these quilts because they are so special and sentimental.
But it’s all good for now. Going to snuggle with the hubs and get some sleep! Last night in my dreams I was designing quilts left and right on EQ7. I’m just that excited!!!! Maybe tonight I’ll dream about finishing all these tops I have, because I sure do need the inspiration! 
Sweet dreams yall!

Summertime Market Saturdays and a friend

Hello there! It is a HOT week here in Mississippi, but apparently that’s not keeping many at home! The MS  Farmer’s Market in Jackson was PACKED! I think it was the largest turnout so far this year, fingers crossed we have many more weekends like this one. People were socializing, buying and just overall HAPPY! It was the perfect weekend to debut my new Neck Rags, which are gel filled neck wraps. Let me tell ya, these things WORK!! They sold really well for a first day, so I’m excited to add more to the line. Whew, I never have a problem finding something to do, do I?

This Week I managed to get two queen sized quilts on the long arm machine and finished the binding on one last night. This week I’ll be working on a custom, plus finishing up a few other items, like more Neck Rags, and a baby quilt or two. Maybe I can get some better pictures of quilts up on my website also. I keep putting it off because local folks keep me so busy, but I really should keep things more up to date.

Speaking of pictures, websites and blogs staying up to date… Let me tell you why I love the Farmer’s Market, even on those 100 degree days when I don’t sell a thing.


Not just customers, but those folks that come by and know the time and effort that goes into each item. The folks that talk. And come back, just to talk some more.

Like Ms. Dot. This lady is a something something else! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her thoughts. Her emails. Her words of encouragement.  She “fussed” (in a sweet, loving, southern mama sort of way) at me about updating my blog more often. And my website. Not because she thinks I should do more, but because well, darn it, she’s right. And I think she knows I’m a little lazy when it comes to ME. I work really hard for my husband and my kids, but the quilting is ME. It’s all mine. I know good and well it will grow as fast and as far as I let it, and I just might be a little afraid of that. Maybe I’ll get chained to the sewing machine. Maybe I’ll get sick of it all and just quit. Maybe people will come to expect way more from me than I am able to produce… and it’s all LIES. That little part of my brain way in the back is steadily ticking off excuses, reasons to procrastinate, reasons to keep myself from reaching my dreams and pushing myself just a little more each day.  But Ms. Dot sees right through that. She is a “straight up tell it like it is” kind of lady (and she is SUCH a lady!) and she told me to update my blog. And my website. She sees success, she sees that I can grow. WOW. I love that. And I love her for that.

So this blog is for you Ms. Dot. Thank you for encouraging me. And visiting, and emails, and all the sweet things you do. You are AWESOME!!!!!! And we (the whole family) love you!