Oh yes! It’s BLOGTOBERFEST YALL! Thanks to Kat @ I Saw You Dancing for the invite! 31 days of blogging madness… I’m up for the challenge! If you’d like to join us, click the link above and sign up!

In other news, Sept 22 was my birthday. I don’t mind being a year older. In fact, I spent about 6 months of last year thinking I had turned 35, when actually I was only  34! I feel like I sort of gained an extra year. And… 30s aren’t bad. Not bad at all. I’m finally turning into a real grownup. I’m thankful. My 20’s were rocky. My teens… yikes, you couldn’t bribe me with all the money and chocolate in the world. 30’s are good. Settled. Calmer. Thoughtful. I feel like that perfect pair of jeans.. not brand new but gently worn and comfy in all the right places.

For my birthday I got a digital camera. I’m still learning how to use it! It has a wide angle, which is exactly what I needed to improve my quilt pictures. (If you’ve never taken a picture of a king size quilt, lucky you!) Previously I was using my phone cam. Seriously. Great for sharing pics on instagram. Not so great for sales.

So back to BLOGTOBERFEST! If you haven’t signed up, get over there!!! It’s gonna be FUN!

Meeting Aralyn…

Meet Aralyn, aka, Super Ninja Toddler.

The toddler years….

Introducing, Aralyn. She’s 2.5 short, blonde, cute and “SupahDupah” sweet. No really, she is totally a doll.Well, dolls don’t say “NO!”and “NUH UH!” and “WHY?” But, that’s ok. They don’t usually break things like laptop screens, cochlear implant batteries or pour ten pounds worth of sugar on the floor (I know, I’m still trying to figure out that one too). But they also don’t give super “I love you mama” kisses, or say “Thank you mama” or sing “Tinwkle tinwkle widdle staw-wah” like she does either. So, I’d call it a fair trade.

Favorite snack- fresh strawberries at the market

 Speaking of dolls, she loves them. She refers to them all as her “babies”… even the stuffed dinosaur. She puts them to bed, feeds them, gives them a stern talking to when they are bad.  Cutest. Thing. Ever. 

Checking out the sunflowers

Poor thing. Out of 8 kids, she was the only girl stuck with an older and younger brother, though she gets along with her older sisters really well. (Except when she gets in their stuff. She’s a makeup/ hair accessory diva, and loves to sneak off to get into the big girls stuff. She also demands to change clothes every chance she gets, her favorite being her pink batman shirt.
Gotta love the two year olds… sweet and sassy. That’s my girl.   

Roses and the Naked Ladies

So the fall flowers aren’t overflowing just yet since the flowerbed is only a few weeks old… but here’s a snippit of what I get to see every day… and hopefully my neighbors get to enjoy them also .

These are Spider Lilies, aka Naked Ladies… I dug these bulbs up from my mom’s house years ago and they’ve been blooming and multiplying ever since. The bulbs seem to just sit there… and sit there… nothing… then suddenly they start shooting up left and right, almost overnight. It takes about 3 days to go from sprouting out of the ground to full bloom.

Not a good shot but this is my Scentinial rose.. smells like a sweet perfume. I love the combination of red and white.. the color (in real life!) is so beautiful! I’ve planted this rose close to the front door, in hopes that this rose gets much, much bigger as the nursery owner promised. Natural air freshener!

This the Pinata Rose… another lovely. I’m so crazy about orange. This rose starts off with a yellow bud, then opens to more orange and before the bloom fades it goes to red. Finally it fades to red and whites, just lovely!! There isn’t much to the scent, but it truly makes up for it in tons of flowers and color. Amazing to watch the colors change over the course of a day.

As you can see I need to spend some time weeding and mulching. I’m ready to get through the winter with lots of quilting and home renovations, then it will be on to spring. One day at a time!

Here’s two of the crew that are keeping me busy today-

Have a happy Saturday!