Playing Catch Up

So last night dh was using the laptop… and left it on the coffee table. (BIG DIRTY SCORNFUL LOOK INSERTED HERE) and as fate would have it, a glass of tea was spilled, subjecting the dear laptop to it’s first spill. EEEK! However, it (and I) survived, and we are back on duty today. HALLALUYER!

So this week I’m overbooked, overwhelmed and determined to finish up all on said to do list. Since I tend to be the worst procrastinator EVER, I’m going to post my to do list for the sake of accountability.
Finish Mod quilt (front, quilting, pictures, binding, all of it. Currently we’re about 3/4 the way done, but this quilt has been my distress since MARCH. Just, insane. I’ve never had a quilt take this long to finish itself. Really.)
15 Sunbonnet Sue Pillows – deets on this later.
2 Autumn Table Runners- one custom, one for the shop.
Ok so it’s only 3 things to do, but that’s a good bit of sewing hours, in between school work, cooking, cleaning and baby holdin’. It’s “only” Tuesday, so lets see what I can get done this week. I’ve also been listing a ton of vintage patterns, so take a looky loo, because they’re CHEAP. Some are even FREE for shipping. Seriously. Can’t beat free!!

Have a great day!

Friday Recap!

It’s been super busy around here..

Nine weeks just ended for us… that means report cards…. All good there! A’s and B’s across the board. The girls are enrolled in a gifted program so academics are a bit harder. They enjoy the challenge, and I love the extra care the teachers put into their students. They are also enrolled in Study of the Arts, which is two hours a day studying dance, music, art, theater etc. The second oldest (Oldest is in college) is the Arts program, the third is my ballerina and fourth is my little actress in training, taking Theater. We are so lucky to have these programs within our public schools. I feel like each one has been able to follow their dreams (so far) and truly challenge themselves. The teachers are *amazing*. Seriously. They know their stuff.

On the home front, Ollie is crawling everywhere, climbing everywhere and getting into everything. Of course that means he’s had his share of bumps and falls… in this picture he’s got a bruise on his head from one of his explorations.  He loves pouncing on his sisters and brother, just like a puppy. Just today he tried to stand upright without holding onto anything. We may be on the way to walking sooner than later. I’ll take later thank you very much! I’m in no hurry to see baby boy grow up. *boo hoo*

On the Business front, Shop for SIDS was great! I met so many new people, and the Event host went above and beyond their call of duty. I’m telling you…. they FED us. Sausage egg biscuits for breakfast,  pizza for lunch, bottled water, soda, you name it.

What I really love is that every penny of the vendor fees went to buy a safe crib for a baby in need. These folks are just FULL of good deeds. After seeing so many tragedies in the news this week, it really warms my heart to know there are good people, fighting for an unselfish cause. If you’d like to learn more about SIDS check out this link: MS SIDS Alliance. My babies are my world. We need to do everything we can to protect them, love them and give them the best start possible.

I’ll be back at the MS Farmer’s Market on High St this Saturday, with several new items (BABY items. hint hint) so stop on in and sit a spell! I always have an extra chair at my booth for friends to visit. See yall there!

Merry Go Rounds and Funnel Cake Oh MY!

Today is not just any old ordinary day. Today was “state fair day” for me and the crue! This has been a tradition since the kids were babies, one that I look forward to almost as much as Christmas holidays. The MS State Fair is in my blood. I don’t think I’ve missed more than 2 years since I was a baby myself, and barring extreme weather or hospitalization, I don’t think anything else could keep me from going.  The crowds, the food, the rides, petting the alpeca, camels, pygmy goats, donkeys and baby BISON. OH. My. Cute. Just… nothing but love for the fair. 

This year, we had a lot of “firsts” at the fair. I let the kids split up, the younger four with me and the older 3 were allowed to venture off as their own group. This way no one would be bored and while I absolutely love the fair, the little ones can only handle that much fun for a little while. After a while they get overwhelmed and then it’s no fun for any of us. So we split up, and off we went to the rides (and FOOD)
For the kids, every ride they see is like opening a huge gift, even though they only get to keep it for  a  few minutes. “Mama! Did you SEE ME!!?? I was WAY UP THERE!” says my 5 year old.. with his face covered in chocolate ice cream and powdered sugar. “Mama! I want to ride the rollercoaster, am I tall enough??” 

Dragon roller coasters…
Topsy Turvy Teddy Bears…
High Flyers…
Merry Go Round…
and on and on and on….
Aralyn (2.5) and Brett (4) were super brave. Paul insisted on riding the kiddy rollercoaster with Aralyn, but I think he really wanted to ride anyway. Nevermind he barely fit in the thing. I wanted to ride too, but the kids were so “I’m not scared!” I sat back and watched them have fun. Seeing how secure they are really makes me proud. Next year ollie will probably get to enjoy a ride or two, so I look forward to that!
Then there was….
Fried potatoes (sort of like potato chips, but… not)
Funnel cake!!!! (super yum)
Root Beer Floats
Sugar Cookies
Pork Rinds (cajun and BBQ)
Soft Serve Ice Cream
Homemade biscuits and syrup 
When the money was spent and it was time to go, Aralyn was fast asleep, Brett had to ride on Paul’s shoulders a good ways and the girls were walking slower than molasses uphill in a snowstorm. The walk back to the car seemed like forever. I was exhausted as we were leaving  but took one last look to say goodbye till next year. Thank you to the MS State Fair Commission and the State of Mississippi for giving  us a fun family tradition.