Sale at Deaf Mama Designs and "I’m thankful" Series roundup

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Now, on to the Thankful series… much catching up to do…

Day 16. I’m Thankful for my old van! She’s a Ford Windstar that I’ve had feeereeeevvveeer and she’s still going. We don’t enjoy car payments or even car shopping, so I’m extremely thankful for her putting up with us all these years. She’s served us well! We do have to take two vehicles out when we have the whole family together, but we make it work. 
Day 17. I’m thankful for thrift stores! I dislike spending money, but I love finding things on the cheap at the thrift store. It’s so much fun to bring something home, clean it up, paint it and make it my own. 
Day 19. I’m thankful for Fajita Nachos. Silly I know, but nachos make me so *happy*. 
Day 20. I’m Thankful for all the kind, loving friends and family in my life. In a world full of judgement, they stand by me, love us as a whole family and truly support us. 
Day 21. I’m thankful for being able to be a work at home mom. It’s not always easy, but with my husband’s support, we make it work. It’s wonderful being able to live my dream and do what I truly enjoy, yet still be able to stay home with my children. 
Day 22. It’s the big finale! I’m thankful for my life. I’m here. It’s all up to me how I live that life. I don’t believe in fairy tales or waiting for the magic to happen. It’s here, it’s now. I’m thankful for LIFE and I realize I’ve got to give it my all.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless you all!

November Series: I’m Thankful Day 13 through 15

Continuing with the “I’m Thankful” Series….

Day 13. I’m thankful that my good friend  was able to hold her preemie baby for the first time since she was born a month ago. Baby D was born at 24 weeks, 1 lb, 6 oz,  just a little more than halfway through H’s  pregnancy. The beginning of this tiny baby girl’s life was so touch and go, with doctors unable to predict her future at all. She’s gone through surgeries, blood transfusions, good days and bad. Yet through all this she’s managed to survive. I’m thankful for the doctors and nurses that do everything they can to take care of this little bean. She is now 1 lb, 9 oz, and steadily growing. She’s still tiny enough that her little hands will slip through a women’s wedding band with ease. Yet, at 14 inches long, she’s a fighter. She knows her mama’s voice, and now, after a very long month, she knows mama’s heartbeat again. This little baby is nothing short of Ah-MAZ-IN. 
Day 14. I’m thankful for the small stuff. Coffee in the morning (with my favorite coffee creamer), Hugs and kisses from the babies, cuddles and cartoons, funny Facebook statuses, afternoon naps (when they happen) and chocolate. The little things make all the difference! 
Day 15. I’m thankful that today is Thursday!! One more day of school and my kids will be on break for the week. Lately they’ve seemed a bit burned out. Hoping they can rest up (and get their rooms in order!!) It is exactly one week till Thanksgiving. Then it will be one month till Christmas (I AM NOT READY!!!!!) But I will be ready (or not) by the time it gets here. Meanwhile, lets just pretend I’m on top of everything and Christmas is still several months away. To bad my kids won’t believe me! 
Have a great day. 

November Series: I’m Thankful- Day 10-12

Day 10. I’m thankful for my Dad! There is nothing the man can’t build, fix or figure out. He would never admit it, but he can even sew! As a kid he always let us “shadow” him while he worked around the house, on the family cars or in the garden. My brother and I referred to ourselves as “gofers” because we always had to “go fer this and go fer that”. In the process of hunting down paint brushes, lost tools and finding dropped nuts and bolts, we learned the basics of handyman-ship. The only negative about my dad? I’m 35 years old now and he STILL won’t let me use any sort of saw, staple gun or nail gun that plugs in. Every year I say “Hey Daddy, I’m xx years old now, can I use the table saw?” And every year he says “Aw kiddo, I don’t think so, maybe next year.” I’m the baby of the family and I guess I always will be. It’s a good spot to have, despite the fact that I’ll probably never get to use a table saw under his watch.

Day 11. I’m thankful for my home. It was pure luck that we were able to buy this house and I’m super thankful we did. She still needs some love but so far, she’s been a great home. We really should spend more time fixing her up. Indecisive me keeps changing the game plan, do, redo and do again… someday I’ll make up my mind and get’er done.

Day 12. I’m thankful for my Doggy, Pepe. We call him Pepe because he always stinks. He’s my sweetheart, a little poodle something mix, who showed up in my driveway 5 years ago, dripping wet from rain. When the babies fuss, he comes to me and walks in a circle so that I’ll follow him. If someone is at the door and I don’t hear the doorbell he has a certain bark that says “Hey!! There’s a stranger!!” Otherwise, he’s always underfoot and expecting attention at any moment. He is definitely one of our babies, except he’s a sweet little four legged furry little thing.  
In other news, I’ve got to get busy in the sewing room. Procrastination has been my worst enemy of late!