Twas’ the Friday before Christmas….

And we’ve been busy! Today was the last day of school for the kiddos after a week full of late night studying, semester exams, school parties and general holiday mayhem. Now that Christmas is almost here, we can start to sort of clean settle down and start the cooking, baking and other fun holiday stuff!

I have managed to get a bit of sewing done, but again, you’ll have to excuse my HORRIBLE pictures. Starting in the new year I’m going to attempt to take half acceptable pictures. I know I’m not doing myself (or the blog) any justice being all photolazified. (My new word. WORD) Till then, I present decent stuff, with turrible picture taking efforts. (I promise, I really do put more effort into sewing!)

This is a floor cushion for a friend’s daughter. I hadn’t properly stuffed it just yet so the piping was a bit off looking. I’ll be making several more of these in the near future! I used this tutorial to make it and it was super easy!

I also made this simple dress for Aralyn. It’s a vintage Butterick dress pattern which I’ve used for all the girls at some point or another. It has a lined bodice and zippered back. I took a bit of the bulk out of the skirt (and I slightly regret that decision) because the fabric is a little heavier than the normal dress/ cotton weight. Next time I’ll just let it be bulky, because in our house, the more twirl power the better!
Next up I’ll be completing customs. Once those are all shipped out I’ll start on the new Chain Reaction quilt. I can’t wait to get started! I’m thinking I may have to invest in some new fabrics, but who can complain about that right?
Meanwhile, I’ve got one more Saturday at the Market. I’m both relieved and sad all at the same time. I love the vendors, the visitors and everything about it… Yet I’m still needing a break. It’s been a long busy year so a month to work on stock, chill with the kids on Saturdays and just *be* will be absolutely wonderful. 
I’m off to pack up for that last Saturday! See yall soon!

Current Work in Progress!

Chugging along! Electronics are situated, camera cord in hand, modem has been replaced and new phone is on the way. We also managed to make it through a round of the stomach bug, some icky weather and a slooooow day at the market. No fun, no fun, but much better now, and Ollie now has THREE teeth to boot! (This is the kid who started rolling over front to back and back to front on the same day, later started crawling AND cruising within 24 hours, so of course he’d get three teeth instead of one. “Go big or go home” he says.)

Current work in progress
This is the current quilt I’m working on for a customer. It’s a memory quilt, made from the father’s clothing. He really had some fun tastes, and I’m a bit jealous of his spunk. I’m sure he would have been quite the guy to spend the day talking to over coffee and a doughnut. So this is the final layout, all ready to get sewn up (ASAP because I’m so far behind! Eeeeeep!) The other side has plaids and stripes, with gray borders.
I think the late night coffee is finally wearing off, so time for me to attempt some sleep! Don’t forget, only 11 more days till Christmas!!!!!!!!!