Snowball WIP

This week we’ve been doing some spring cleaning. So far we’ve cleaned out the junk that lives in the laundry room and the kitchen. It’s amazing what we ‘stash’ thinking we’ll need it soon, only to forget about it for months (or years!)

In the sewing room I’ve started a new snowball memorial quilt. Once the layout and colors are approved I’m going to hopefully whip through this bad boy and be done done done! I want to work on smaller lap/crib sized quilts for a while. They’re easier to manage and much more fun for the ego. Nothing feels better than saying “ALL DONE!” after making the smallish projects to give my mind a break.

Here’s a Terrible No Good Very Bad shot of the WIP-

The snowball blocks are the memorial fabrics, the squares are the fabric the customer chose. Lets hope this one turns out pretty pretty!
Have a great day and keep sewing!

I’m on a finishing line! Or, New quilts in the shop!

I HAD to. I’ve been following Bonnie Hunt at  Quiltville for-eeeeevah now. Her blogs and tutorials have taught me so crazy much, I have to go back and read through every so often as a refresher. I had bookmarked the “Scrappy Trip Around the World” but when the whole craze came through, I knew I had to make it RIGHT NOW. So I did. It was so. much. fun! Bonnie’s method makes it fairly simple and I love that I could really dig into the scraps and get those used up. I could literally SWIM in my scraps, there’s just to many. One quilt at a time and I’m hoping to dig my way out! So.
 Without further ado, I give you my version of Trip Around the World.

Next up is my version of Chain Reaction, a pattern I picked up from This one went together ok, but if you like to slash and dash quilt, this one will require a bit more careful cutting. I really love the look of it, so sweet and girly! And yes, this one is available in the online store also!
And finally, a Map quilt! Kids, teachers and homeschooling moms luuuuuuuurve this quilt. It’s great as a wall hanging or to toss on the floor for a geography lesson. (or three, because kids really love this one.) Of course I didn’t make the print, but I did all the fancy pancy quilting on it, and I hand sewed the binding, so lots of love goes into these quilts also! 
Now that those are finished I feel a bit lost! I still have a few things I’ve  procrasinated on, but those will be done soon too… stay tuned to see what I can whip up next!

My valentines… you stole my heart!

To the tiny little bundle of baby boy kicking me in the ribs…
I love you for reminding me every day what a precious gift life really is…

To Ollie, my 13 month old little boy,
I love you for trying so hard. When you fall, you get back up. Pretty soon you’ll be walking like a champ.

To Aralyn, my stubborn little girl, almost 3 years old now…
I love you for reminding me that snuggling on the couch watching cartoons isn’t wasting the afternoon.

To Brett, my 5 year old and first boy,
I love you for being so loud and quick to laugh. You keep me smiling.

To Alexis, my silly 9 year old,
I love you for being such a good big sister and being as helpful as you are.

To Amanda, my 12 year old talker (talk talk talker),
I love you for listening and for all the hard work you do. I know you’re going to be a strong woman some day.

To Anna, my quiet and sweet 13 year old,
I love you for being so graceful, in mind, spirit and body. Always my butterfly.

To Alliyah, my soft spoken, pink haired 15 year old,
I love you for the amazing woman you are becoming. Smart, beautiful and confident, the world belongs to you.

To Ashtyn, my first born,
I love you for making me a mother. You’ve taught me all I know and taught me I knew much less in the beginning than I thought I did.

To my husband Paul,
I love you for everything. You’ve taken a blended family and made it whole. You work hard every day to provide for us. You make me laugh, you cry with me and make me smile again. You’ve given me three beautiful babies in as many years and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

To my wonderful sweet, kind friends,
I love you for letting me be me, wacky and nutty and accepting me even when I’m not “the norm”. That  means the world to me.

To my family,

I love yall because I used to think we were kinda weird. Then I realized we’re the somewhat normal ones. Wacky or not, we stick together, laugh together and pray together. Thank you.