The Farmer’s Market is back in full swing!

Yesterday the Farmer’s market was opened for the first time this year. I wasn’t as prepared as I had planned to be but you know how that goes… plans, smans. Babies, family, LIFE sometimes has to take priority over goals and plans. I did have a few new things but boy oh boy was it a reality check when I hung my sparse collection of quilts! On the other hand, it felt really good to know that almost every single thing I made last year sold almost immediately!

Here’s a peek of my booth. It’s not much but it’s a “preview” of things I want to add to the booth as well as more quilts. I know, I know… you can stop rolling your eyes now… I know I don’t need more things to do, but sometimes I need some downtime between quilts. It’s fun to switch back and forth between small projects and larger ones, so yes, I NEED to do this! Like I said before, my quilts are SPARSE!!

I can’t tell you how much I LURRRRVE the wreaths. Gosh they make me happy! I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan (the hubs is way awesome about showing me mad love every day, so we really don’t need a special day) but this is just so… awwwwwww!

Here’s a close up of another wreath I made, same burlap just a slightly different bow and hanging on me very own front door. It’s probably not going to come down for a good, long while, I love it THAT much.

I don’t love my front door. Hopefully It will be making a huge change soon, because EWWWW. It’s poopoo brown, painted and that glass is a weird dirty shade. It’s impossible to whiten it, so blah. *Maybe* with tax refund $ we’ll be able to change it. Maybe. I hope. Pray for my door yall! ;)

I’m rambling so I’m going to wrap this up. I hope yall are having a wonderful Sunday! If you’re in the south we’ve got some beautiful weather going on. No jacket required today! WOOT! (Yes we had the ice storm last week. Yes it was really bad. Yes you can make fun of us but only if you’ve been down here during an ice storm!)

Much love.