The Farmer’s Market is back in full swing!

Yesterday the Farmer’s market was opened for the first time this year. I wasn’t as prepared as I had planned to be but you know how that goes… plans, smans. Babies, family, LIFE sometimes has to take priority over goals and plans. I did have a few new things but boy oh boy was it a reality check when I hung my sparse collection of quilts! On the other hand, it felt really good to know that almost every single thing I made last year sold almost immediately!

Here’s a peek of my booth. It’s not much but it’s a “preview” of things I want to add to the booth as well as more quilts. I know, I know… you can stop rolling your eyes now… I know I don’t need more things to do, but sometimes I need some downtime between quilts. It’s fun to switch back and forth between small projects and larger ones, so yes, I NEED to do this! Like I said before, my quilts are SPARSE!!

I can’t tell you how much I LURRRRVE the wreaths. Gosh they make me happy! I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan (the hubs is way awesome about showing me mad love every day, so we really don’t need a special day) but this is just so… awwwwwww!

Here’s a close up of another wreath I made, same burlap just a slightly different bow and hanging on me very own front door. It’s probably not going to come down for a good, long while, I love it THAT much.

I don’t love my front door. Hopefully It will be making a huge change soon, because EWWWW. It’s poopoo brown, painted and that glass is a weird dirty shade. It’s impossible to whiten it, so blah. *Maybe* with tax refund $ we’ll be able to change it. Maybe. I hope. Pray for my door yall! ;)

I’m rambling so I’m going to wrap this up. I hope yall are having a wonderful Sunday! If you’re in the south we’ve got some beautiful weather going on. No jacket required today! WOOT! (Yes we had the ice storm last week. Yes it was really bad. Yes you can make fun of us but only if you’ve been down here during an ice storm!)

Much love.


My Zen 2014

“When walking, walk.  When eating, eat.”
~Zen Proverb

This is something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. I often find myself rushing though one project or activity in order to move on to the next. We live in such fast paced, instant gratification culture, where success is based on how much we’ve accomplished vs how we’ve appreciated the journey to those accomplishments. It’s no wonder many of us don’t stop to really think about what we’re doing as we do it.

Deep breath, smile, keep the seam ripper handy and enjoy the journey.

What’s up?

What’s new with you?

Our ninth darling baby is already 5 months old, 17 lbs and 27 inches. I blame the boy’s siblings. All that love makes them grow right? Well, he’s a honker of a boy now! He loves kisses, especially kisses on his elbows. I have no idea why he finds that absolutely leg slapping hilarious but I can’t stop. Baby giggles are so addictive! Every day I have to make him laugh until he snorts (the only thing he got from me was the laugh-laugh-laugh-snort-laugh-snort, the rest is all from Daddy).

And! I have a grandbaby. Yes, I know I look to young to have a grandchild, but obviously I’m not. She’s been such a joy and only 2.5 months younger than Catfish, she’s got a buddy for life. She is absolutely PRECIOUS! Her mama is absolutely amazing as a new mom. SO MUCH LOVE AROUND HERE IT HURTS!

The sewing room has been humming along. I got a new industrial sewing machine, which sews zoooooomgosh fast. Should I ever decide to quit sewing we’ll turn that sucker into a go cart because wow. Major fast motor and technical stuff I don’t really understand. Just take my word for it, It’s FAST. ZOOOOOOM!

Of course…. it couldn’t all be good right!? Not even 3 weeks after I got the new machine my longarm got jealous and killed the bearings in the motor. She’s fixed now but she sure did give me some panic. She’s a discontinued model and parts aren’t easy to come by. Thank goodness we did find the parts we needed, even if it took some searching. The machine belonged to my mom before and was passed on to me… I have to say, I think we deserve bragging rights since between Mama and I we finished off an industrial machine in 20 years! That takes some serious sewing!

I decided to make a few Christmas things this year, so one thing I wanted to do was make a Modern Christmas quilt… turns out I cut out enough pieces for three quilts…. rather than waste them I’ve been sewing them up. Also I’m almost finished piecing a rainbow quilt. Just a few more strips and that will be done. Baby quilts going to the long arm and Christmas ornaments….. you get the idea! I’ll post pictures once I get my phone back (Jesus is working on it out in Texas. I’m not kidding. I have full faith in the guy! ha!) I’ll post pictures, updates and yada yada…. lets hope I don’t let another few months slide by before we can catch up again.

Do you like the new layout? Suggestions? Thoughts? Ideas on what I should write about? I’m all over the place over here… give me some direction folks! (or I could ask Jesus in Texas right? If he can fix my S3 he can do anything yeah?)

Much love…. and don’t forget to make the babies laugh till they snort… it will make your day, I promise!