One of THOSE kinda days…

So I finally started painting today. All went well till about 1 pm, when hubby sent me a text telling me he broke his finger. More like crushed the tip, after it was cut through the nail. Ouch! He went to the dr and they bandaged him up. Since he was working on a water line break which was under a broken sewer pipe, they also gave him meds to (I hope anyway) combat any potential E.coli and other icky infections.

Then he locked his keys in the car. No Big Deal right? Call pop a lock and they’ll take care of it…

Except he forgot his money. WHAT?

So I loaded up the kids and we were about to go across town to deliver some cash.

The sky looked really weird. I thought maybe a tornado was on the way. It wasn’t.

It was baseball sized hail. About halfway to hubby’s work a huge piece of hail hit the windshield and cracked it, from one side to the other. It sounded like the van was getting shot up. People were running for cover under anything they could find. We found a tree that kinda helped, a little to late.

Within about 20 minutes it was over, but damage was everywhere. Hubby’s coworkers had broken rear windshields left and right. The local Wal-mart had to evacuate customers to the storage part of the building due to fist size hail coming through the sky lights. Insanity.

When Mother Nature starts her own snowball fight, it is not pretty.

In this picture you can see the hail has a core. It’s like a super frozen bullet inside a softer ice. They were heavy. And since it was 77F degrees outside, a real surprise. it was over almost as soon as it started, but not before so much damage was done everywhere.

So we get back home, safe and sound. I was almost ready to go back to painting, just had to take a potty break and…. I heard it. “Mooooooooom……. Ollllllllllliiiiiieeeeeeevvvvveerrrrr… Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnt……” Almost a whole gallon. Everywhere… table, floor, OLLIE!!! Poor baby. We scooped him into the bath, then we cleaned up the paint as quick as cleaning paint can go. I secretly hated the paint I had bought (it was goopy and didn’t go on smoothly) so I’m sort of glad to be buying a different brand to finish the second coat. shhhhh. It would have been easier to throw it out. BUT

(Insert good news here)
I finished up this quilt for a customer. It’s headed off to NY,NY next weekend!

I did my own version of a nautical themed quilt. I was going for a simple Pottery Barn look, which I think I did ok on. Most of the fabrics are stripes and plaid shirtings, which I absolutely love for boy quilts. I used a buttonhole stitch for the applique’ work and machine quilted in a loop de loop design. My buyer was super happy and it’s off to NY, NY for this quilt. It’s headed to a new baby boy that was born this past January. I hope it gives him years of happy sailing dreams!

Chunky Churn Dash is Complete!

I am currently obsessed with with Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville website!! The quilts are easy, use up tons of scraps and they’re just FUN. If you don’t follow her on facebook you really should. She’s always on the go, so I get tired for her when I read her blog updates.

So here’s my version of Chunky Churn Dash:

Normally I like to stick to slightly larger pieces, 2.5″ being my favorite. This quilt uses 1.5″ pieces at it’s smallest, not to bad but definately got me to step out of my “big strips” box. I really enjoyed that! Now I’m not afraid to keep the smaller scraps for future use. I love how the triangle blocks offset the  churn dash blocks to look as if they are set on point. The whole quilt measures 86″ x 86″, perfect for a full size bed. I keep saying I need to go bigger or smaller, but my quilting brain thinks full size is perfect. 
Next up I’ll be making a nautical themed baby quilt and finishing up a snowball quilt (posted about it before, have since redone the sample blocks). As of tomorrow we’ll be painting the living room, entry way and hall, so not much sewing will be going on for me. Talk about “enjoying” Spring Break! Hope yall are having fun!

Snowball WIP

This week we’ve been doing some spring cleaning. So far we’ve cleaned out the junk that lives in the laundry room and the kitchen. It’s amazing what we ‘stash’ thinking we’ll need it soon, only to forget about it for months (or years!)

In the sewing room I’ve started a new snowball memorial quilt. Once the layout and colors are approved I’m going to hopefully whip through this bad boy and be done done done! I want to work on smaller lap/crib sized quilts for a while. They’re easier to manage and much more fun for the ego. Nothing feels better than saying “ALL DONE!” after making the smallish projects to give my mind a break.

Here’s a Terrible No Good Very Bad shot of the WIP-

The snowball blocks are the memorial fabrics, the squares are the fabric the customer chose. Lets hope this one turns out pretty pretty!
Have a great day and keep sewing!