Roses and the Naked Ladies

So the fall flowers aren’t overflowing just yet since the flowerbed is only a few weeks old… but here’s a snippit of what I get to see every day… and hopefully my neighbors get to enjoy them also .

These are Spider Lilies, aka Naked Ladies… I dug these bulbs up from my mom’s house years ago and they’ve been blooming and multiplying ever since. The bulbs seem to just sit there… and sit there… nothing… then suddenly they start shooting up left and right, almost overnight. It takes about 3 days to go from sprouting out of the ground to full bloom.

Not a good shot but this is my Scentinial rose.. smells like a sweet perfume. I love the combination of red and white.. the color (in real life!) is so beautiful! I’ve planted this rose close to the front door, in hopes that this rose gets much, much bigger as the nursery owner promised. Natural air freshener!

This the Pinata Rose… another lovely. I’m so crazy about orange. This rose starts off with a yellow bud, then opens to more orange and before the bloom fades it goes to red. Finally it fades to red and whites, just lovely!! There isn’t much to the scent, but it truly makes up for it in tons of flowers and color. Amazing to watch the colors change over the course of a day.

As you can see I need to spend some time weeding and mulching. I’m ready to get through the winter with lots of quilting and home renovations, then it will be on to spring. One day at a time!

Here’s two of the crew that are keeping me busy today-

Have a happy Saturday!

Daffa Daffa Daffa Dils!

Happy Friday everyone!

We made it through the week with minimal damage. No missed¬†buses, no ER visits, fires, 911 calls or anything dramatic.I’d even go so far as to call it somewhat a boring week. No complaints here, boring is always good and I hope it stays that way.

 *knock on wood*

The summer roses are still blooming, which I love. My Scentinial Rose is giving me about one or two blooms at a time, while the Pinata roses look like they are ready to explode. The buds are just showing, but I’ll get a picture soon. I LOVE flower gardening! Right now I’m loving it more than sewing even, though I’m just a newb learning all the ropes. I guess my “specialty” should be roses, since I keep collecting new rose bushes every time I am at the market. There is a local vendor there that really knows his roses and gives me an awesome hookup on new plants. At this rate, we’re going to have to get a bigger house so I can have a bigger yard… but for now this will do! I reallllllly love my roses…. but…

Roses only bloom in spring and summer… so I’ve got to have something pretty in the yard year round… for very early spring I’ve ordered some bulbs to plant… and I can’t WAIT till they get here. I’ve been checking the mail daily, just waiting for them to come in the mail.

Pink Daffodils! Aren’t they ADORABLE??? Seriously… I love the good ole yellow kind, and if these don’t work out I’ll go back to the old fashioned… but I LOVE these. I loved them so much I ordered 50 of them. *sigh* I don’t think I do anything on a small scale, like, ever. Anyone who has seen me in the same room with chocolate or cheesecake or kids or quilts or fabric can attest to this. “Go big or go home!!!” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I hope you have a great weekend, I’ll be stalking my mail lady in hopes that my daffodils are in her care!

*Update- After speaking with the seller it turns out that my daffodils won’t be here until sometime next week. What a bummer! But… they’re pink daffodils so that makes it entirely worth it right?